The history

The history of the renowned restaurant “Der Klosterkeller
 goes back into the reign of the legendary soldier king. The building
 was developed during the second baroque city expansion in the years
1732 to 1742 according to instructions of Frederick William 1.
It was finally finished in 1736.

The owner of the house possessed the brewing right and sold
 freshly tapped beer. Legend relates that Frederick William the Great
 was already as crown prince guest in these walls. In the rooms of the
house grenadiers of the garrison city were billeted and had to be fed by the owner.
The magistrate of Potsdam shows that the inn is listed as first-class inn and
has tradition and history for over 275 years. The one or other beer barrel or
wine was emptied here through the centuries.

At the turn of the century the building
and the delicatessen shop belonged to Albert Blankenstein. Since 1882 the company
 had the title of a royal court supplier and enjoyed enormous popularity because
of its wide offer and its high quality. The name “Klosterkeller” came up around 1898
 as the third section of Albert Blankenstein was opened. It was some kind of test room
where his customers could try a good drop of wine or homemade beer. The restaurant is    
well – known to town men and citizens as well as the guests of Potsdam.

Around 1900 the dining areas were rebuilt in medieval style to the
restaurant “Der Klosterkeller.” It was the favorite of the celebrities,
with our UFA-Stars like Hans Albers, Heinz Rühmann, Marlene Dietrich
and much else leading the way. In 1992 the restaurant was reconstructed
with all-Prussian vaults, rustic pillars and balustrades.   

"  Der Klosterkeller  "










1938  owner Hermann Meye.





" HO-Gaststätte Der Klosterkeller "








 1972 and 73.







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